People are leaving their homes: either for a short term, to explore the world and to gather new experiences – or long-term, to settle down somewhere else. Some want to leave their homes, others have to.

The Alumniportal’s new focus topic is called Setting out – People on the move. The focus of our attention will be Germany-Alumni who set out, who are on the move: They are currently studying abroad or they used to live in foreign country or maybe traveled extensively. They may have returned to their home country, they could be employers looking for experts with international experience, or scientists working in a global context.

But you also set out when you go on holidays or emigrate – or even if you are forced to flee from your home. Setting out often means learning a foreign language, becoming integrated into a new society or gathering intercultural experience. Thus, setting out and being on the move can bring about a change of perspective: We learn new things and see things from a new point of view.

We want to know why people cross national borders and how they fare. Furthermore, we will look at some of the social and political issues that arise from migration, professional mobility and tourism.

Would you like to contribute to our focus topic? You could become an active member of our Community group “Neue Perspektiven auf Migration und Entwicklung”. We are looking forward to your contributions!

How do alumni experience the return to their home countries after an extended period of studying or working in Germany? What were the effects of their stay in Germany on their professional and private lives? What changes did they observe?

The international teams who took part in the 2016 Hands-on Project “Setting out – People on the move”! addressed these and other interesting questions. The alumni and their own personal stories of returning to their home countries were at the centre of interest.

An independent jury has now selected the best stories. Are you curious to know why winner Victa Wewerinke did not want to return to Mexico without coriander and parsley? Learn more about her and other Germany-Alumni with exciting biographies and dive into their stories.

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Hawis Madduppa: “The scholarship gave my career a major boost.”

His doctoral studies at Bremen University focused on the clown anemonefish – the little fish with a big screen presence. Four years on, former DAAD scholarship holder Dr Hawis Madduppa is Head of the Marine Biodiversity and Biosystematics Laboratory at Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia.