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Huang Jian from China has his job in a German company to thank for his international experience and German language skills.

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Are you looking for a job with a German company or would you like to find out about career options? Many Germany-Alumni have very good expert and language skills and are familiar with the German way of thinking and working. That is why they are of great interest for German companies and organisations worldwide. In our jobboard you will find long-term jobs and permanent positions as well as short-term jobs and assignments.

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You are interested in calls or want to upgrade your education? The Alumniportal gives a focused overview of activities and education opportunities provided by German organisations working in an international context. On our website you will find calls for applications, scholarships, call for papers, research projects or funding programmes.

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It is everyone’s aim: To maintain and cultivate valuable contacts – especially if they were made during a stay abroad. But how should we go about it, which mistakes should be avoided? Alumni associations can help with networking activities.

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Alumni associations can help young graduates to launch their careers. But in order to do this, the associations have to stay active and adapt to new developments. “Those who do not offer any added value to their members are not successful,” says Claudia Morales Martínez in this interview.