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Scientists on the move

Today scientists are more mobile than ever. But why do they go abroad? Which countries do they mainly come from? Which are their preferred destinations? The infographics “Scientists on the move” has answers to these and other questions on the topic.

Digital-social trends: ‘Rwanda, Estonia and Inda are very advanced’

In the course of the ‘Trendradar’, the betterplace lab collects digital-social innovations worldwide. For this purpose betterplace lab - in cooperation with the Alumniportal - is now searching for so called Trendscouts. We asked Moritz Eckert, co-founder of, what’s behind all this.

Open Educational Resources

Collaborative Science

Freely accessible teaching materials are considered to be one of today’s most important trends in the field of educational policy. It is also a trend in which research libraries could play a key role. This is an interview with Jan Neumann about Open Educational Resources.