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Beate Schindler Kovats: “University education in Tunisia should be more practise-oriented”

In Tunisia, unemployment among academics is twice as high as among young people without a university degree. University education is too theoretical and too many people attend the universities, says Beate Schindler-Kovats, the director of the DAAD Information centre in Tunis.

Dual training worldwide

The German model of dual education is catching on worldwide. For half a year now 26 young men in Nové Mesto, a northern distract of Bratislava, Slovakia, have stood at the workbench for several days a week, and on the other days gone to school.

Refugees at German universities – challenges and opportunities

So far, the numbers have remained low, but in 2016, up to 50,000 refugees could well be seeking to commence their studies at a German university. The universities are gearing up to meet the challenge. A private initiative by students is providing a new kind of support.

Social engagement while studying? Detlev Buchholz on service learning

Service learning strengthens students’ social skills, while helping to improve the way subjects are communicated. So says Detlev Buchholz of ‘Hochschulnetzwerk Bildung durch Verantwortung’. In this interview, he explains how it works.

Are universities in Germany attractive for international students?

Science and research are bound less by national frontiers. What are German universities like today in terms of their internationality?

M-learning – The e-learning trend

Mobile learning is revolutionising learning and is the topic at universities, schools and at education fairs all over the world. But what differentiates m-learning from e-learning?

Excellence Initiative: universities prepare themselves for the future

The Excellence Initiative of the German Government and the federal states is aiming to improve research resources at German universities. Young scientists and researchers are the beneficiaries.

Digital Media Studies: stimulating, wide-ranging, international

Digital media enjoyed an overall market share of 32 per cent in 2013. So excellent prospects exist for all those planning to or already enrolled on a course in digital media studies.

MINT subjects: study programmes for women build self-confidence

A place for themselves: women are studying industrial engineering in Wilhelmshaven, and IT and economics in Berlin. But what are the advantages of such study programmes for women?

University education for everyone, everywhere: MOOCs let you attend lectures online

They take place on the internet and offer an interesting alternative to conventional lectures and seminars: massive open online courses, or MOOCs for short.

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