For Ana Karol from Argentina sustainability is not only important in her work, but in her daily life, too.

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Migraflix: Learning from immigrants

Cuisine, drumming, calligraphy: Brazilians can learn all of this from low-income expats. The platform Migraflix organizes courses with a view to integrate immigrants into the local society and labor market.

The Pocket Doctors

Health Apps in Uganda

Uganda’s tech industry is booming – young entrepreneurs, programmers and hackers are meeting the needs of the population for easy-to-use, fast and accessible information and consultation. But funding can still be challenging.

Education for Social Cohesion

How does the level of education influence a society’s cohesion? Manuel Heckel and Salma Abdelrahman (University of Stuttgart) investigated this question with regard to Sri Lankan society and won the first prize of the GIZ University Initiative “Between Lecture Hall and Project Work” 2016.