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Migraflix: Learning from immigrants

Cuisine, drumming, calligraphy: Brazilians can learn all of this from low-income expats. The platform Migraflix organizes courses with a view to integrate immigrants into the local society and labor market.

The Pocket Doctors

Health Apps in Uganda

Uganda’s tech industry is booming – young entrepreneurs, programmers and hackers are meeting the needs of the population for easy-to-use, fast and accessible information and consultation. But funding can still be challenging.

Equal opportunities in Africa

Gender equality: Education for everyone?

Education for girls is the “most effective single investment that a developing country can make”, writes the World Bank. Messages we received from our members show that some African countries are heeding this advice. But there is still a long way to go until there are equal opportunities for women on the whole African continent.

No school to improve education

Young Egyptian Mostafa Magdi transformed his grandfather's old house into a school that opens its doors to children for a different way of learning.