• Setting out – People on the move

    The Alumniportal’s new focus topic is called Setting out – People on the move. The focus of our attention will be Germany-Alumni who set out, who are on the move. But you also set out when you go on holidays or emigrate – or even if you are forced to flee from your home.

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    Germany alumni are living all over the world. What are people in Germany talking about, what is typical for German culture and society? In our Germany section you can find everything you need to know about its culture, traditions and people.

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    Do you still remember some German or would you like to refresh your vocabulary? Visit our German language section to find useful expressions, a placement test and various opportunities to learn German online. 

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    Which options are there for Germany alumni to further develop their capacities or to acquire new ones? You can find new programmes and courses as well as information about scholarships and training opportunities in our Study & Continuing education section.

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    Who is doing what in science and research? You can find interesting trends, portraits and recent programmes and announcements from these fields as well as information on research in Germany in our Science & Research section.

  • Sustainability

    If we want today’s and tomorrow’s generations to have the same chances for a fulfilled life, we have to act sustainably on all levels. And this doesn’t only apply to governments or companies – Sustainability affects all areas of our everyday lives!

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    Our News section infoms you about interesting news from various topics and recent announcements for Germany-Alumni. You can discover calls for applications for scholarships, training programmes, research projects or competitions!

New articles and interviews

Is there such a thing as climate-neutral travel?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to travel anywhere in the world using any means of transport we liked without harming the climate? Is this a realistic proposal and, if so, how would it work? Are carbon offsets a genuine way of tackling climate change or are consumers simply being sold a modern form of indulgences