The German Education Server (Eduserver) is the central Internet guide to the education system in Germany. As a web portal that is jointly funded by the federal government (Bund) and the federal states (Länder), it offers high-quality, edited information services to education professionals from various fields and the general public.

In its function as a meta-server, the portal primarily refers to web resources , e.g. from the federal government and the Länder (states), the European Union, universities, schools, state institutes, research and service institutions and scholarly information centres. The German Education Server structures the respective information and presents it in relevant contexts.

As a partner for educational researchers, educational practitioners, educational policymakers and educational administrators, the German Education Server supports knowledge transfer processes by providing adequate, web-based instruments and media products. It thereby contributes to the emergence of innovative information infrastructures in education.

The development of target-group specific services is based on criteria of User orientation, it corresponds to cutting-edge technologies and is subject to findings from information science. By setting up and optimising communication platforms, tools that can be used collaboratively and interfaces for content cooperation, the Education Server promotes the active participation of its users.