Communicating with Hiring Managers on Professional Social Media

An increasing amount of recruiters and hiring managers use professional social media to research and approach possible job candidates. The first step you need to take is to carefully curate and optimize your digital profiles. Then, you will hopefully begin receiving messages from recruiters or hiring managers interested in your work and hiring you. How you write back and what you write will be crucial to starting off on the right foot. But, polite correspondence and digital etiquette in this situation are easy – here are the three main communication policies you need to make a good impression.

Always Write Back

If you are contacted by a recruiter but are not interested in the position, do not simply ignore the message. That person took time to search for someone with a profile like yours, look at your profile, and write you a message about a professional opportunity. Show them your common courtesy by writing back. Something as simple as saying you are not looking for new opportunities currently will suffice. This tip does not mean you have to reply to every message you get, for example, with adverts or the like it is unnecessary to respond if you truly are not interested.

Leave It Open-Ended

Building off of always writing back, make sure you “leave the door open”—meaning write the message to the recruiter in a way that you can reach back out to them when you are looking. It is simple to do this by ending your message with some attune to “I’d like to connect with you here on LinkedIn and stay in touch about future opportunities”. Nowadays, employment situations can change quickly, and you may need that recruiter’s help in the future.

Connect to Stay Informed about Opportunities

Recruiters post about – you guessed it – job opportunities! Connecting with the recruiter who contacted you allows you to stay in touch with them through their posts, which will pop up in your feed once connected. However, please check with the recruiter if they are interested in connecting first. Some prefer to keep potential candidates outside of their network. In that case, some platforms offer a “follow” button instead of a “connect” button, so you can still see their posts without being officially in their network list.

So, to sum up, communicating and corresponding with recruiters on professional social media does not need to be complicated. Always respond, keep it open-ended, and connect with the recruiter to stay up-to-date on future job opportunities. I have one final tip for you, regardless of who you are communicating with: do not use the automatic reply suggestions! This gives off an impersonal, “can’t be bothered to write an individualized message” vibe. Because everyone is bombarded with emails and direct messages every day, personalizing your communication increases the chance that you will get a response if you ever write them again. Keep these tips in mind and you can be confident you are putting your best (digital) self forward.

Author: Jessica Schüller

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Jessica Schüller is a graduate student and Erasmus Mundus fellow in the Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MaRIHE) program at Tampere University in Finland and Danube University Krems in Austria. She helpsinternational students, young professionals, and expats launch and grow their careers in Germany. Prior to launching Germany Career Coach, she worked as an international career advisor at a German university, managed an internship program in Germany and taught German cultural studies to international students. You can learn more about her work and connect with her here:


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