School on television, "gendered lockdown" and dreams of the future

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the world and will continue to have a lasting impact for a long time. The students of the masters program International Media Studies of the Deutsche Welle Akademie have dealt with the consequences of COVID 19. In their stories, they not only share how the crisis is manifesting itself in individual countries around the world, but also show the different areas of life and society that are affected by the crisis.

Read about fear of losing a job, school on television, life as a transgender in the "gendered lockdown", the new everyday life of flight attendants and dreams of the future.

What other areas of life are affected by the COVID 19 crisis? And how will the world look after it is over? What do you think it should look like? Join our discussion in the community.

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Anna Turava, Georgia

School on TV

“Now everybody be quiet, my favorite teacher is coming up next! Love that man!”, shouts the first-grader Dachi as he is sitting in front of the TV, equipped with all necessary school material. This is how the six-year-olds’ mornings have been starting recently, according to his mothers’ post on social media.

Akin Art, Turkey

Uncertainty is the worst

Turkey, like rest of the world, is dealing with COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, the virus is not only a medical threat but also an economical one for Turkish people. Due to the global crisis, Turkish people are losing their jobs or facing wage deductions. Alper Canik is 27 years old, he started to work for an architecture office four months ago.

June 2020