Germany-Alumni portraits

Gender equality

„Sorry African Girl”

In Africa, many women still do not have the same opportunities as men, writes our guest author Erick Agure. His observations from everyday life from the perspective of a women and a man – and his thoughts on what should change to guarantee equal opportunities to everyone.

The chemistry of medicinal plants

One family, one predilection

One family, one passion: more than 30 years ago a young Brazilian woman obtained her doctorate in Germany in the chemistry of medicinal plants. Today her daughter is conducting research in Heidelberg on the same subject, also facilitated by the DAAD. An interview concerning academic exchange and cooperation – and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

EU Council presidency

Virtual Adria Idea Lab

The EU is facing massive challenges. The DAAD is helping to address these by hosting idea labs that harness the knowledge, experience and creativity of its alumni. Alumniportal Deutschland spoke with the organiser of the first lab and some of the participants.