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Two Days Offline

My Sustainability Challenge

Our guest author Gabriel Kombassere challenged himself and gave up digital media for two days as a sustainability challenge. For him, it was a positive experience, because he not only did something for the environment, but also noticed that he could work in a much more concentrated way.

Podium discussion

COVID-19 – Resilience within society

For the first time, the DAAD invited alumni from the social sciences sector to take part in a digital meeting of professionals. The meeting entitled ‘COVID-19 – Resilience within society’ involved four renowned experts discussing the consequences of the pandemic for democracy – and expressing their hope that humanity is in a position to learn something from the crisis.

Why we need Sustainable Climate Action

Africa contributes the least CO2 emissions but suffers the brunt of the consequences of climate change. For an effective global sustainable climate action, the least developed countries must be put at the heart of the international negotiations.