„I suffered from loneliness“

Emanuele Savagnone from Rome studies a master in composition at the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts. During Corona, Savagnone is widening his musical and visual culture. Currently he is working on a short opera and deepens his knowledge of contemporary musical theatre and art cinema. He admits that the first weeks of lockdown were depressing for him. Especially, since stimuli and social activity are very important for creating art. Additionally, Emanuele Savagnone had to postpone his graduation of one semester, and his concerts for the spring were all cancelled. Now, he is very glad to see society restarting its activity.

He chose Germany because for the prestige and opportunities that Germany offers to musicians. Emanuele Savagnone already started his career as a composer. In the future, he wants to extend this activity and work as a composition teacher.

Interview: Marlene Thiele



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July 2020

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