“Corona has changed my life”

Stephen Bidii Ngalah is a doctoral candidate studying medicine at Heidelberg University in Germany. Coming from Mombasa in Kenya, he chose Germany for medical research, since it is safe and has high-ranked institutions. Additionally, Germany has embraced modern technology, which Bidii Stephen Ngalah considers the key to development in his home country. Since the Covid-19 crisis, he depends much more on online resources and has even changed his career plans: he is now leaning towards being a bioinformatician rather than a molecular medicine wet lab scientist.

The DAAD scholar is specialised in cancer research. Right now, he does bioinformatic analyses of data derived from The Cancer Genome Atlas to validate his doctoral hypothesis. Additionally, he is using his time to present his scientific findings online, since he is planning a research stay in order to gain more skills in evaluating toxicity of different chemicals in liver cells and alteration effects.

After his doctorate, Bidii Stephen Ngalah would like to empower communities in developing countries. He wants to continue his research and academic work to help establish charities and other non-governmental organisations. 

Interview: Marlene Thiele

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July 2020

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