Life might not afford to offer a full glass, thus a glass half full in addition to some hope is perfect.

Ahmed Al-Kebsi is a DAAD-Alumnus from Yemen, who currently lives in Irbid, Jordan where he also finished his studies on Water Resources and Environmental Engineering. In his last interview for the Alumniportal, he was trying to be positive, despite all the difficulties he was facing. Now, we have asked him if his glass was still half full.

Dear Ahmed, how is the current situation in Yemen? Probably due to the pandemic, Yemen is currently not very present in the media. Is your country still faced with conflict and a humanitarian crisis?

Yemen has been through very difficult times during the Covid-19 waves. The officially published numbers are far from the scary reality. Currently, the Covid-19 situation is somehow better due to the summer and the arrival of 2 million doses of the vaccine provided by UNICEF and WHO. Yet, Yemen’s forgettable war never stopped, and people die every day. Airports and ports are still blocked by Saudi Arabia and the country is facing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.

How are your family and friends?

My family and friends are fine, thank you. During the war, I lost my uncle, my cousins, and many good friends. Generally, the situation is difficult due to the collapsing economy and unfortunately many of my friends lost their jobs.

Last year you said that the crisis was the right time to fight together and hoped that the world could soon overcome it. Do you see any signs of that? Is the glass still half full for you?

Despite some irresponsible behaviours from some countries, I can say yes. The cooperation between countries especially when a particular country was exposed to high cases pressure reflected that it was one battle and sharing equipment and vaccine tells so. Even in Yemen, people from different parties, on the health sector level, shared available sources and fought together as well.

I hope that the politicians there could do the same and fight together the ignorance, poverty, corruption, and other real enemies. I see a close end to Covid-19, but the world must be ready for any upcoming challenges. And more time and resources should be dedicated to science and research. Life might not offer a full glass, thus a glass half full in addition to some hope is perfect.

Would you also tell us about your plans for the time after your graduation this year?

I have always wanted to establish a small company or local organization in Yemen but the current situation there makes it very difficult to start from zero. Moreover, I want my daughter to get a good education which does not exist in Yemen nowadays. So, I am looking for a job or a Ph.D. in Germany. The competition is high, but I have no other option. But before any next step, if Sana’a Airport opens, I plan to visit my family.

Interview: Admir Lleshi

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June 2021

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