“I was very lucky”

Lorenzo Semeia comes from a small village in the North-East of Italy, near Treviso. He is a psychologist by training and is currently doing a PhD in neuroscience. He stayed at home during the corona crisis, where he has been doing his research and learning German. Luckily, he was able to collect a lot of data before the disaster, so he is pretty busy nowadays doing analyses and summarising the results. When he gets tired of looking at his computer screen, he escapes into the surrounding woods.

Lorenzo chose Germany after meeting a professor from Tübingen. After his graduation, he joined the Fetal Magnetoencephalography Centre (fMEG Centre) at the local university to conduct his research project. Foetal magnetoencephalography (fMEG) is the only non-invasive method for investigating brain responses and spontaneous brain activity generated by the foetus in utero. Lorenzo Semeia is particularly interested in the heart dynamics when the foetus perceives different sounds presented in the environment. 

After he finishes his studies, Lorenzo Semeia would like to continue his academic career and conduct more research, side by side with psychological clinical activity . Since he really likes Tübingen and Germany in general, this is where he wants to be based, even if his work encourages different exchanges in foreign universities.

Interview: Marlene Thiele

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June 2020

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