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Would you like to brush up on your German language skills?

The topic of “German language” is very important on the Alumniportal, because nearly all alumni have some knowledge of the German language. Use our language-learning options and exchange your skills with other learners in the online community!

Alumniportal Learning Hub

We're happy to announce that we are now offering a selection of over 2,000 short, effective eBooks, audio learnings and online courses covering a wide range of important business topics. Whether it's efficient working and self-organisation in the home office or effective management of remote teams: Especially in the current lockdown situation, we want to provide valuable impulses for dealing with the current challenges and your personal development.

The Alumniportal Learning Hub is an exclusive offer for our community members. Free membership on the Alumniportal Deutschland is required to use it.

In the sections "Career Management", "Communication & presentation" "Management & Strategy" "Personal development" and "Digitalization" you will find a selection.

Digital teaching and learning

Professor Jürgen Handke runs the Virtual Linguistics Campus, the world’s largest learning platform for English and general linguistic content. Since 2006, he has been digitising his entire teaching programme step by step.

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