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  • Career planning for young professionals
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    © GettyImages-Vasyl Dolmatov

    Career planning for young professionals


    Is a career something that just happens, or can you plan it? What are the questions to ask yourself and the steps to take forward? What are myths and realities? In this seminar you will learn a step-by-step process and effective methods how to plan your career mid- to long-term.

  • © Getty Images/NicoElNino
    © Getty Images/NicoElNino

    Introduction to project management

    09.12.2022 - 09.12.2022



    Project management skills are important to succeed in any job, whether you are a project manager or a team member. Regardless of your role, you will almost certainly be managing projects - be it a team initiative or simply a task or responsibility on your own to-do list. In any job, you will need to use a range of project management skills to plan, execute and complete your work.

    If you want to learn more about such skills, attend this online seminar on project management.

  • Career coaching
    © Getty Images/pondsaksit
    © Getty Images/pondsaksit

    Professional career coaching

    01.01.2021 - 31.12.2022


    Virtual Coaching

    We are offering a virtual career coaching exclusively for our community members from now on. Get tips and tricks on how to optimize your job application and prepare for job interviews with the assistance of our coaches. 

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  • © GettyImages / gorodenkoff
    © GettyImages / gorodenkoff

    Strategic career planning in science


    Recording of the seminar

    What do I need to know if I want to plan my career in science? Does a doctorate / PhD make sense in my field, even if I don't intend to go into research? What comes after the doctorate? What job opportunities are available to me? What are the paths I can follow and where do I get orientation? This seminar provides answers to these questions and many more. 

  • © Gettyimages / alvarez
    © Gettyimages / alvarez

    How to apply effectively in Germany


    Seminar recording

    Are you looking for a job or an internship in Germany? Are you receiving rejection letters or no answers at all? Or are you just getting started and you want to know the most effective ways to apply? This online seminar is for you. 

  • SDG Ziel 12: Nachhaltige/r Konsum und Produktion
    SDG Ziel 16: Frieden, Gerechtigkeit und starke Institutionen
    SDG Ziel 9: Industrie, Innovation und Infrastruktur
    [Translate to Englisch:] Social Entrepreneurship
    © [Translate to Englisch:] Alumniportal Deutschland
    © [Translate to Englisch:] Alumniportal Deutschland

    Social Entrepreneurship



    The world is facing enormous social and environmental challenges, of which climate change, poverty and mass migration are just a few examples. This is precisely where social entrepreneurship comes in. In this inforgraphic, we explain exactly how it works.

  • Infographics Communicating in German in the digital world of work
    © Alumniportal Deutschland
    © Alumniportal Deutschland

    Infographic: Communicating in German in the digital world of work



    E-mails, text messaging and video conferences have long been part of everyday working life. In recent years, however, digital events, online meetings and virtual meetings have become the norm rather than the exception. Various video conferencing tools have been developed and further refined, in the course of which certain set phrases have become established. We illustrate some of these in the following infographic.

  • © Getty Images/Jonathan Erasmus
    © Getty Images/Jonathan Erasmus

    Three steps to planning your career


    “Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?” Were you asked this question at your last job interview – and did you find it difficult to answer? To avoid this happening at your next interview, and to help you develop a structured career plan, we’ve compiled a few tips.

  • Mit der richtigen Bewerbungsstrategie zum Traumjob
    © N.A.
    © N.A.

    Using the right job application strategy to land your dream job


    Many job seekers are highly motivated at the start, already have ideas and expectations, and tend to adopt a disorganised approach to submitting applications. Does this get them what they want, or does it pay to take strategic steps to land one’s dream job?

  • Tips for writing a perfect job application
    © Gettyimages ilkercelik
    © Gettyimages ilkercelik

    This is how you write the perfect job application


    What does the perfect job application look like? At a time when several hundred people apply for one job, the answer to this question is crucial for you as a job applicant. So which aspects of a job application make all the difference?

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    © N/A

    Tips and tricks for a successful job interview


    You application has caught the employer’s attention and you have been invited for an interview. You have cleared the first hurdle. Let us help you with some tips on how to present yourself to your full advantage.

  • Woman during job interview and three members of the management team
    © GettyImages / gpointstudio
    © GettyImages / gpointstudio

    How to succeed at job interviews


    When applicants receive an invitation to a job interview, they have a good reason to be happy about the successful application. It should give them confidence for the job interview that is to follow. In this article we provide you with useful tips on how to prepare effectively for a job interview.

  • [Translate to Englisch:]
    [Translate to Englisch:] © [Translate to Englisch:] GettyImages/Wasan Tit
    [Translate to Englisch:] © [Translate to Englisch:] GettyImages/Wasan Tit

    How to write application documents: Convincing prospect employers within seconds


    Since the end of last year members of the Alumniportal Deutschland have been participating in a virtual career coaching. This document contains some suggestions for the preparation of application documents in answer to some questions that came up frequently during the coaching sessions.

  • Improving your German for work purposes does not have to consume your time.
    © Getty Images/pixelfit
    © Getty Images/pixelfit

    Ten tips: Improving your professional German


    Improving your German for work purposes does not have to consume your time. Here are ten tips I have used to keep learning and growing my professional vocabulary, enhancing my understanding of grammar, and improving my communication skills. Man lernt ja nie aus!

  • © Alumniportal Deutschland
    © Alumniportal Deutschland

    Infographic: Careers in Germany


    Our infographic gives an overview of important steps on the way to a job in Germany and is aimed primarily at people who have graduated in Germany or who will soon do so.

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  • SDG Ziel 13: Maßnahmen zum Klimaschutz
    SDG Ziel 7: Bezahlbare und saubere Energie
    [Translate to Englisch:]
    [Translate to Englisch:] © [Translate to Englisch:]
    [Translate to Englisch:] © [Translate to Englisch:]

    Commitment to climate action


    Mario Cornaló tells us what brought him to Germany for a semester abroad, and why working in the European energy sector is so exciting for him now. 

  • Side view of a female employee inspecting newly manufactured solar panels at the company. Female quality engineer inspecting solar panels in the factory.
    © Getty Images/alvarez
    © Getty Images/alvarez

    Sustainable careers: green jobs in Germany


    Find out what exactly is meant by ‘green jobs’ and the areas where you can find them, and learn about the opportunities they are creating for international professionals.

  • [Translate to Englisch:] Die TU Berlin hilft afghanischen Akademiker*innen
    The TU Berlin helps Afghan academics© Christian Kielmann
    The TU Berlin helps Afghan academics © Christian Kielmann

    Support for 62 Afghan IT specialists


    On August 15, 2021, the Afghan government was overthrown by the Taliban. The four alumni of the computer science master’s program at the Center for International and Intercultural Communication (ZiiK) at the TU Berlin fled their offices that day and from day to day they lost not only their jobs, but also the hope they had in them country had returned after studying in Berlin.