Germany and Your Career 101

Online-Workshop about Opportunities and Options for Studying, Researching, and Working in Germany

How It Works: Interactive Presentation & Workshop

The Germany & Your Career 101 workshop will help students create a solid foundation for planning and preparing for graduate studies or a job search in Germany, avoid the most common mistakes internationals make, and set the stage for successful, systematized career preparation. Students leave this training with a birds-eye view of the opportunities Germany has to offer young talent.

Online-Workshop description

Germany is now the fourth most popular destination for international students worldwide, and it continues to attract foreign talent to work in the country. While some internationals are successful with launching and growing their careers in Germany, others struggle with finding suitable employment. It is vital to grasp which opportunities are available to you so you can make informed decisions about studying, researching, and/or working in Germany. Alongside an overview of opportunities, in this workshop you'll learn key,  effective strategies for planning your further studies–or career launch–in Germany. 

This workshop will cover

  • Finding and creating opportunities
  • Study options for bachelor's and master's PhDs and the research landscape in Germany
  • Funding avenues and application strategies
  • International student life in Germany Internship, trainee program, and job searching
  • German labor market needs and entry avenues
  • Common mistakes internationals make

What's included

  • Pre-Workshop Student Preparation Portal which includes:
    • A survey used to customize the workshop to the students'needs
    • Q&A Form
  • 2-hour interactive presentation on study options in Germany
  • Handouts: Depending on the group topics

What you will accomplish

Alongside an overview of opportunities, in this workshop you'll learn key, effective strategies for planning your further studies–or career launch–in Germany.

How to attend?

This workshop is held regurlarly on Alumniportal Deutschland. Please choose your preferred date and register in the community. 

Next workshop date: 26 May 2022, 15:00 - 17:00 (CET)

Event language: English

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Alumna and expert of this training

Jessica Schüller is a graduate student and Erasmus Mundus fellow in the Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MaRIHE) program at Tampere University in Finland and Danube University Krems in Austria. She helps international students, young professionals, and expats launch and grow their careers in Germany. Prior to launching Germany Career Coach, she worked as an international career advisor at a German university, managed an internship program in Germany and taught German cultural studies to international students. You can learn more about her work and connect with her via the Alumniportal.

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April 2022