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  • Portrait of a smiling African-American young woman hosting an online event.
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    Moderation of online events




    Learn how to host a successful and engaging online event. From technical requirements to the art of presenting in front of the camera - we will teach you all the important skills.

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    Science Communication Workshop Series

    05.09.2023 - 10.10.2023


    Workshop Series

    Would you like to improve your science communication skills? Our workshops will give you the basics you need as a scientist to be able to present scientific facts and your research results to different audiences. Register now!

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    Wanted: alumni as guest authors

    We are looking for interesting contributions written or recorded by talented alumni from around the world with whom we can collaborate on a regular basis. 

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  • © Anna Lassonczyk
    © Anna Lassonczyk

    Body language in intercultural communication


    The importance of body language is often underestimated – this can lead to misunderstandings, especially in intercultural communication. 

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    Organising emails – Easy as 1-2-3!


    Too many emails, no time to answer, chaos in your inbox? Then it’s time to get organised! With these seven tips to combat email stress, you’ll feel more relaxed and be able to concentrate on what really matters at work.

  • © Alumniportal Deutschland
    © Alumniportal Deutschland

    Science Communication


    If science is to reach out to ordinary people, it has to conveyed in a comprehensible manner. In this infographic, we introduce you to the field of science communication and describe selected formats of science communication.

  • © Alumniportal Deutschland
    © Alumniportal Deutschland

    How to shoot your own videos

    Video tutorials

    Nowadays videos are becoming more and more important. In our video tutorial in five parts you will get tips on how to produce really good videos with little effort. Have fun recording your own videos!

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    © Gettyimages / ake1150sb

    Well organized in home office and working successfully in remote teams

    Seminar recording

    Not only since Corona, the topic of remote work and mobile working has become more and more important: Get fit for working in the home office and remote work and make teamwork efficient even from a distance.

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    © GettyImages / Chaay_Tee

    (Self-)presentation and moderation in online events

    Seminar recording

    You want to moderate an online event? In this seminar you will learn how to prepare for an online presentation and will be trained in the most important technical, content-related and rhetorical skills. In German only.

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    Robotics inspired by nature

    Researchers involved in robotics can discover a lot from nature. Dr Robert Siddall works in the field of ‘bio-inspired robotics’ and has organised a contest to bring young people closer to the subject.

  • Konzept der digitalen Transformation. Systemtechnik. Binärcode. Programmierung.
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    © Getty Images/metamorworks

    How to communicate your research

    Communication is a key aspect of the science system, and one that is becoming increasingly important. But which format is best suited to which topics and purposes? We have compiled a brief overview of the most effective and innovative communication formats.

  • Diverse group of Business people during a meeting with copy space. They are sitting in a board room, All are casually dressed.
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    © Getty Images/coutneyk

    Openness and responsibility towards society

    Transparent and dialogue-oriented science communication makes research more apparent to the general population. Dr Alexandra Borissova Saleh narrates in an interview how she was able to increase the significance of science communication in Russia prior to its war of aggression against Ukraine.