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How to shoot your own videos

Nowadays videos are becoming more and more important. In our video tutorial in five parts you will get tips on how to produce really good videos with little effort. Have fun recording your own videos! 

Video tutorial #2

Visual elements

These days, you don´t need much more than a smartphone to shoot a cool video. But of course, you can also use a high-end camera. This tutorial is about visual elements of a video such as background, format, resolution and similar. 

Video tutorial #3


Good lighting is also an important factor if you want your film to turn out well. This video tutorial is about lighting.

Video tutorial #4


One important thing to consider when shooting a video is the sound. We are going to show you some tricks to make sure your sounds great. 

Video tutorial #5


Once you finished shooting, there´s just one thing left to do: edit your video. We are going to show you a few apps and programs that will make easy work of the editing process.

February 2020