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Tutored e-learning course “International Project Management”

Given the big demand and interest in international project management, we are trying to offer this course on a regular basis – please check our website! 

Since the introduction of the tutored e-learning-course “International Project Management” on the Alumniportal Deutschland, we have offered and successfully implemented the course five times already!

Is it this specific learning method that makes this course so attractive, or is it the content that our alumni are interested in? Is it the international range of participants or are there other reasons why so many alumni apply for this course?

We invite you to read what Germany-Alumni from various different countries have to say about it and how the experienced tutor Gláucia Queiroz sees this kind of “learning in a world without borders”.

“Digital learning is a great opportunity to learn, irrespective of the place or the time for each member of the community.”

Louis Fendji, participant from Cameroon

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“I could learn from the tutor and our group members from distinctive background and cultures.”

Mohammad Arabi, participant from Iran

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“The course content and resources were practical, relevant, rich and thought-provoking.”

Suzanne Myada, participant from Nigeria

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“This course was so interesting for me because we immediately put knowledge into practice.”

María Lorena Viteri, participant from Ecuador

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“My participation allowed me to expand my network to nice people of this world and to discover different types of project.” 

Jacquelin Elizara, participant from Madagascar

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“Our online meetings were organized wisely time wise, allowing us to be prepared for the meeting, presentation or assignment.”

Bakhrom Radjabov, participant from Uzbekistan

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Learning in a world without borders

“The participants truly come from all corners of the world. There are doctors who have to manage a hospital, engineers who are building markets, project leaders on international UN-assignments or administrative employees with HR responsibilities, to name only a few examples. Their common denominator is a connection with Germany. ”

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