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Bakhrom Radjabov, Uzbekistan

1. My experiences as a participant in the tutored e-learning course “International Project Management” on the Alumniportal:

I was delighted to be the part of the course! I was certainly very interested to learn more about Project Management. This course has helped to learn even more than I was expecting. Especially the added component about how to manage international project teams was very useful. Learning about advanced project management tools, monitoring and evaluation of the project and different project implementation mechanisms was useful.   

2. Advantages – Opportunities – Challenges of Digital Learning in an international alumni community:

This international group of people with diverse backgrounds has been an advantage for me because I could learn from my international colleagues and find out more about their experiences in project management. The exchange of ideas with tutors and participants in the forum was interesting. However, not everyone was always equally active and willing to share their thoughts. Also, sometimes technical problems did not allow me fully enjoy the presentation of the tutor. Nevertheless, it was an experience 100 per cent worth having!  

3. What made the course so interesting for you: Was it “how I learned”, was it “what I learned”, or “with whom I learned”, or are there other reasons?

The course was interesting for me in all ways possible to benefit from it. First and foremost, I have enjoyed what I have learnt due to my personal interest in the topic and willingness to obtain project management skills. Secondly, I enjoyed the group work and the learning and education approach that the course and tutors employed. Though I was in Japan at the time of the course and we had a lot of course participants around the globe, our online meetings were organized wisely time wise, allowing us to be prepared for the meeting/presentation/assignment. 

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July 2018