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Jacquelin Elizara, Madagascar

1. My experiences as a participant in the tutored e-learning course “International Project Management” on the Alumniportal:

First of all, I was sometimes on business trips, but I still could work on the course as long as I had an internet connection. My participation to this course allowed me firstly to expand my network to the nice people coming around the corner of this world (Latin America, Germany, Europe, Africa, India, Japan, Indonesia ...) and secondly to discover different types of project that we manage. I have learned many things, such as the different steps of project management, different working styles and cultures and I know the relevant principles for success. I have got standard reference and materials on (International) Project Management in general that I can every time use for my (future) work and personal development.

2. Advantages – Opportunities – Challenges of Digital Learning in an international alumni community:

I can use my gained knowledge in the training/course not only for business, but also for international cooperation development and general public or government works. The participants showed an active interest in answering questions about different cases. I would only recommend that those who want to follow the course should be in possession of a good internet connection for the webinars.

3. What made the course so interesting for you: Was it “how I learned”, was it “what I learned”, or “with whom I learned”, or are there other reasons?

It is complementary to my former training on Project Management. What make me proud as participant of the course is that fact that I can now formulate project objectives and can find the way how to make the stakeholders involved in the planning of the project and can use the best tool called “Logframe” that I have never used before the course organized by the Alumniportal Deutschland.

The certificate that I received gives more value to the knowledge I gained during the course because the programme was supported by different renowned and prestigious organisations in Germany such as: Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany, DAAD, Goethe-Institute, GIZ and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

I graduated in international communication at Universität Bayreuth. The training session met my needs and has allowed me to remember some of the cases I studied at the university and also some intercultural aspects of my previous work as project assistant of a German project of the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg with Madagascar.

The monitors explained the content and the concept well. The content was well-organised and easy to follow. The materials distributed were helpful and the experience will be useful. The trainer was knowledgeable about the training topics. I would like to recommend this training course to a friend/colleague who want to be successful in management in generally.

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July 2018