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Jean Louis Fendji Ebongue Kedieng, Cameroon

1. My experiences as a participant in the tutored e-learning course “International Project Management” on the Alumniportal:

The e-learning course on “International Project Management” was one of my best experiences in 2016. The tutor was awesome, and some of my course-mates were very active. I had some insights on PM prior to the course, but not the “International dimension” this course brought to me.

2. Advantages – Opportunities – Challenges of Digital Learning in an international alumni community:

Digital learning is indeed a great opportunity to learn, irrespective of the place or the time for each member of the community. It is undoubtedly a powerful tool for capacity building of alumni.

3. What made the course so interesting for you: Was it “how I learned”, was it “what I learned”, or “with whom I learned”, or are there other reasons?

I would say all the three points. “How I learned” was challenging. I was so busy at that time, but I did manage to attend tutoring sessions and to do the assignments. “What I learned” was new for me most of the time. For example “Corporate Sustainability” or “Cross-cultural Communication”. Finally, one of those with whom I learned contacted me for the design of a project involving Peru, Cameroon, and Germany. But we could not be funded. Maybe we should think about another course on “Finding Funding” :-).

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July 2018