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María Lorena Viteri, Ecuador

1. My experiences as a participant in the tutored e-learning course “International Project Management” on the Alumniportal:

It was a great experience. I really enjoyed the “International Project Management” course. I have learnt a lot from the tutor’s experience and course participants.

I am eager to continue learning through the innovative and friendly Digital Learning Portal and take advantage of future courses to be carried out.

2. Advantages – Opportunities – Challenges of Digital Learning in an international alumni community:

There was a great advantage to participate in interesting webinars and chats, giving the Alumni the chance to share our points of view, answering questions asked by the course tutor and taking advantage of outstanding documents uploaded in course links.

3. What made the course so interesting for you: Was it “how I learned”, was it “what I learned”, or “with whom I learned”, or are there other reasons?

This course was so interesting for me because we immediately put knowledge into practice, through the introduction of case studies for international projects management, GIZ development projects’ expertise and types of planning, implementation and evaluation, which will improve my knowledge as a whole.

There was always been steady feedback, suggestions and recommendations from Tutor for better course understanding and performance, through the weekly exercises we had to hand over.
This was definitely an excellent mean to know about enriching experiences of other participants from around the world.

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July 2018