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Mohammad Arabi, Iran

1. My experiences as a participant in the tutored e-learning course “International Project Management” on the Alumniportal:

I am really proud of being part of the international project management course. I am working as a business development expert in the biggest discount chain store in my country.

2. Advantages – Opportunities – Challenges of Digital Learning in an international alumni community:

The good point of being part of international alumni community (e-learning-) course is deciding the suitable time (for online classes) based on where you living. I experienced a great, warm and friendly atmosphere in the international project management course. Besides, being in contact with the knowledgeable, experienced and friendly tutor all the time can help you to understand the whole process in details.

3. What made the course so interesting for you: Was it “how I learned”, was it “what I learned”, or “with whom I learned”, or are there other reasons?

I could learn from the tutor and our group members from distinctive background and cultures. Basically, the modules are general but you should apply it on your current or recent projects and share it with your tutor, group members and add what you learn from interesting modules to your professional life. 

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July 2018