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Quiz: Summer in Germany

Summer, sun, beaches! Summer is many people’s favourite season: They enjoy the warmth of the sun, drink refreshing beverages or take summer trips. Take a guess in our quiz and learn many interesting facts about summer in Germany.

Quiz: Germany and the Football World Cup

How often has Germany won the Football World Cup? In which German stadium was the 2006 World Cup final between Italy and France played? Who scored the winning goal during the 2014 World Cup final between Germany and Argentina? Test your knowledge with our World Cup Quiz!

Quiz: How much do you know about German cars?

How many registered cars are there in Germany? And which car manufacturer of today was the world’s biggest producer of bicycles in the early 20th century? Test your knowledge with our quiz about the most favourite vehicle of the Germans – the car. Have fun!

Quiz: How well do you know German cooking?

What is the traditional way of eating “Münchner Weißwürste”? What is a “falscher Hase (false hare)”? Answer our twelve questions and find out whether you are a true connoisseur of German cooking!

Water quiz: How much do you know about our most important resource?

Which EU member state was the first to make access to drinking water a constitutional right? What percentage of the global population has access to clean drinking water? Worldwide, how many people live without sanitation? Answer our thirteen questions about our most important resource and find out if you are a water expert.