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Quiz: The forest – an ecosystem at risk

Primeval forests are forests that have been untouched by humans since their generation following the most recent ice age. Which country contains Europe’s last lowland primeval forest? What is the world’s largest contiguous forest area? By how many kilometres does the Sahara grow every year? Test your knowledge now!

Answer our ten questions about the forest and its inhabitants and find out how familiar you are with the forest ecosystem.

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September 2018


Solomon Mengesha
18 September 2018

We can say the tropical rain forest which covers from South America,Central America,Caribbean coastal western Africa ,parts of India ,few parts of eastern Africa though Congo to Ethiopian and Kenya , which holds more than 42,000 different species of insects ,more than 1500 different species of higher plants and medicinal plants ( world largest pharmacy) .there are different types of rain forest which i cannot explain it here . I will elaborate more when I get time .Thanks our Alumni organizing staffs . like you all.

Yolanda Caceres
17 September 2018

German energy company RWE destroys with impunity, at this very moment one of the most valuable forest "remains" in this country. The forest is nearly 12,000 years old, rich in biodiversity and home to 142 species regarded as important for conservation.

We as alumni need to rise awareness and also make it a topic!

Aliya Gul
17 September 2018

The Amazon rainforest is the largest forest cover on the globe, covering much of northwestern Brazil and extending into Colombia, Peru and other South American countries.

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