How much do you know about German cars?

How many registered cars are there in Germany? And which car manufacturer of today was the world’s biggest producer of bicycles in the early 20th century? Test your knowledge with our quiz about the most favourite vehicle of the Germans – the car. Have fun!

Answer our ten questions and find out how much you know about the cars of German manufacturers.

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April 2018


3 July 2018

Am a mechanical and electrical technician of BMW and BMW motorcade which full of technology and I enjoy my job very much

Azim Khan
28 April 2018

When I was in school we have Opel and Mercedes cars sedan car the wonderful car, before we have American car ford, but Opel was great car, after this in our country Japanese cars were introduced cheaper then American, German and British cars but quality like German.

Prof.dr. Dagnew Melakeberhan
10 April 2018

I had a German Volkswagen car that served me for 42 years. I never had any problem on road with regular service and personal care it was really a wonderful machine. even driving in dusty and long roads it never stopped on a road not for a single time. It was a faithful and reliable great friend. I sold here to a friend because she liked the car and it is still going on. The Volkswagen is the best car I have ever experienced. its engine and body is suited to the African continent. I did not want to sell the car but my children who are grown up and have 3 kids each have been raking me again and again to change it. The say ` papa this car was there when we were born it is a wonderful car but now it is time to change`. It is really a great car and I wonder why the Germans stopped it, they could have produced it in mass with added technology . it is really people car. I really would like to thank the Volkswagen Company for its many years of service to the people particular of the developing world that this car has contributed

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