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Quiz on German history

Who proclaimed the Federal Republic of Germany’s Basic Law on 23 May 1949 and was elected to be the first Federal Chancellor shortly afterwards? What does the number “1968” stand for in Germany? When was the Berlin Wall built? And what percentage of women entitled to vote actually cast their vote in 1919 for the first time? Test your knowledge now!

Test your knowledge with our entertaining quiz from the Thirty Years‘ War to the Fall of the Wall: How much do you know about German history?

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October 2018


David P. Conradt
3 October 2018

The page did not come up.

Awadallah Hamid Gadim
3 October 2018

*The 1968 uprising broke out when the French authorities arrested a German student from a French mother, Daniel Cohn Bendit, and expelled him from the country for establishing a student movement at the University of Nanterre called the March 22 Movement.

*The Wall of Berlin was built in 1961, after the Second World War, and divided Berlin into two eastern and western parts. It was located in East Germany .... This wall was designed according to the former East Germany suit to prevent the infiltration of spies and enemies from West Germany, Where the Nazi East Branch continues ... The Berlin Wall was supported by barbed wire and watch towers
* 20%

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