Quiz: The Ecosystems Of Our Oceans – How Are They Doing?

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July 2017


Giridhari Lal Pandit
6 June 2019

My heartiest congratulations go to Alumni Portal Deutschland for organizing this Quiz: "The Ecosystems Of Our Oceans – How Are They Doing?" This is the most timely and educative quiz I have come across, on the resilience and vulnerability of the Oceans without which our planet could not have hosted life. It is particularly instructive for school children and adults who can learn a strong message to change their life style right now: If you care for nature's/Ocean's ecosystem, they will take care of the quality of your life and of Earth's bio-diversity. Today our planet's oceans are threatened by all human activities that are directed at economic, technological and industrial development. Humanity's biggest failure lies in this: We have never properly thought of how the political economy of the environment could be so designed as to prevent the externalities llike the "Great Pacific Grbage Patch" from arising. ----
Giridhari Lal Pandit

Abdul Sattar
6 June 2019


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