Corona - the impetus for change

My hopes – My actions

The coronavirus crisis has caused us to rethink our perspective of the world due to the immense societal changes since the pandemic put a global halt to our daily activities and routines. This has led to increasingly prevalent demands for improvement in society, politics, research, and the economy as many long for a more responsible, united, and just world.

Will our high hopes be fulfilled or only be met with deplorably small deeds? Which goals do we want to pursue and how can we achieve them?

What can we as individuals contribute to achieving them? For instance, there are a lot of initiatives around environment and climate change, but barely any tangible change in our habits. Who really foregoes overseas travel? Who only buys environmentally friendly products? Who has really banned plastic from their household?

A shift in perspective alone is not enough, what we need is action.

Register now for our web-seminar on 2 July 2020 at 5 pm and discuss with us.

How did the pandemic impact your life?
How will you be contributing to the change you want to see in concrete terms?



Anchorwoman: Roma Rajpal-Weiß will be the lead moderator throughout the web-seminar.

Co-Moderators (2 per topic): 10 Students of the Master’s Program ‘International Media Studies’ of Deutsche Welle Akademie


  • Health
  • Globalisation
  • Digitalisation
  • Society and Family Life
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Work Environment and Universal Minimum Income
  • Global Economy and Social Justice

Web-seminar Language: German/English

Duration: 90 Minutes

You will receive further details and access data for the web-seminar in a separate e-mail immediately prior to the web-seminar.



June 2020