Open Data and the SDGs

Live stream: 28 June 2017
Recording of the live stream available!


In this interesting web-seminar, Nnenna Nwakanma, Senior Policy Manager with the World Wide Web Foundation, and Manuela Yamada, who runs the open source platform MateriaBrasil, explained the important role of freely available and usable data in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.  

“How do we know that we are using the right means to solve the right problems?” Nnenna Nwakanma asks. She is particularly concerned with distribution, control and participation: The world’s resources are limited and lie in the hands of a very few protagonists. “Open data allows us to control these resources, evaluate changes and participate as citizens.” Manuela Yamada also sees the enormous power held by corporations as a major impediment of sustainable development. She focuses mainly on innovative technologies and private initiatives, where consumers have access to all information: “If you don’t know what you’re buying, you can never change.”

“All the Internet, all the people, all the time”.
(Nnenna Nwakanma, WorldWebFoundation)

Moderator: Allana Nelson, Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL)
Target group: Everybody interested in sustainability and internet, no/little previous knowledge necessary
Web-seminar language: English
Duration: 1 hour

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Nnenna Nwakanma

…is working for the World Wide Web Foundation since 2013 (current position: Senior Policy Manager).
…has co-founded in the recent years The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA, launched 2003).
… is an activist for free and open-source software and advocates for open data, open government and the open Web across Africa. 
…Nigerian but introduces herself as ‘African’.

Manuela Yamada

… is running MateriaBrasil a free open source platform that works as a library for social-environmentally responsible materials, products and services available in Brazil.
… is heading the Ouishare Brazil Chapter.
… is a product designer, social innovator, open source passionate and advocating a systemic change in politics and business toward a sustainable, open society.
… is 26 years old and Brazilian.

Allana Nelson

… is working for the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) since April 2017 (current position: Program Manager for the Principles for Digital Development 
DIAL was founded by USAID, belongs to the UN and regards itself as the steward of the Digital Principles 
… helps coalesce the development community around scaling and increasing the impact and cost effectiveness of digital development investments. 
… holds a B.A. in Political Science and is an MBA/MPP candidate in Business Operations, Strategy, and International Development

June 2017


Vijai K Sharma
30 June 2017

I attended the Webinar on the topic “Open Data and SDGs” on Jun 28, 17. The two experts and the Moderator focused on the 2030 agenda, adopted by leaders of 150 states to achieve economic progress with efforts of every one of us. Thanks to them. Some participants also shared their experiences in their countries. Starting point is access to data for future planning and decision making. In my opinion, that is a very important point. Since the data comes from different sources, it should not only be available, but should also be correct, complete, unbiased, with nothing hidden or manipulated or contradictory. In short, the things should be fully transparent. Further, creating awareness, convincing & involving all people is very difficult, though not impossible. But it is also a fact that for quality development, we all have to make a beginning and continuous & sustained efforts and substantial contributions. Environment varies from country to country. Therefore, emphasis must be on all of joining hands together in this noble mission.

Seynabou Fachinger
26 June 2017

Dear Blagoy Janeshliev, dear Adel Rizk, dear Amir Radfar,
Thank you very much for your comments you shared with us. We are happy to read that our planned webinar on "Open Data and the SDGs" raises your interest. Please feel warmly invited to join the webinar on Wednesday, 28 June at 3 pm CEST, you can then also share your comments and contributions as well as ask your questions with all webinar participants. I am looking forwar to seeing you at the webinar. Greetings, your Alumniportal Deutschland Team. (Seynabou Fachinger)

Amir Radfar
20 June 2017

The first step in measuring the burden of disorders(e.g malnutrition ) ,improving the capacity to deliver or implement cost effective interventions and prevention programs is collecting and sharing quality data . Improving the health of the population as one of the goal of sustainable development is achieved by providing the best information on population health.A platform where data in the context of health and demographic research from different places and providers is shared and easily accessed would assist to reach to the goals of SDGs and also would raise awareness.There are many good examples of success with using technology and internet in limited resource/under developed areas.

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