Participating in the Global Digital Society: Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, Digital Divides

Who is part of the global digital society and who is excluded? This webinar took place on 14 March 2014 and covered different types and aspects of digital divides, such as age, gender, income, as well as different scales, such as divides on a national and international level. Questions, such as how rural communities can be serviced, or how disabled and elderly people can be serviced, were addressed.

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Experts and Presentation


Sebastian Haselbeck is director of Collaboratory e.V. since 2012, an open expert and intervention platform which looks at the interactions between internet and society including different perspectives and which aims at enabling interdisciplinary and practically orientated discussions.


Daniel Grosche is engaged in the subject area of Digital Divides due to age. He is currently doing his Master in Media Informatics at the University of Lübeck/Germany. Before, he completed his Bachelor with the topic Facing Social Isolation With Mobile Technology – a photo sharing application on tablet computers for elderly people.




Geraldine de Bastion  is an expert on information and communication technology and new media for development and advises organizations on digital media and communication strategies. She also works with activists and bloggers around the world. Geraldine is founder of the consultancy Konnektiv GbR.