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Intercultural Communication at Work

Interaction with people from other cultural backgrounds, who may have different styles of communication, is a part of many Germany-Alumni’s daily work routine. This exchange is interesting and rewarding – but occasionally, misunderstandings occur without anyone being aware of their intercultural element. A capacity to deal with cultural differences is essential for good communication and helps to prevent conflict.

Content: What does culture stand for? What is intercultural communication? What are the options for dealing with intercultural challenges? These are the questions which participants discussed with our expert Rebecca Atieno Schwarz during the Webinar on 30 November 2016.

Learning objectives: In this webinar, participants learn to explore the specific features of their own culture and their effect on people from other cultural backgrounds. They will be made aware of cultural differences and gain insight into possible strategies for dealing with intercultural challenges.

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In our community group “Spotlight on Jobs & Careers”, you are able to join the discussion on the Topic and download the presentation of our expert Rebecca Atieno Schwarz as well as a Whitepaper.


Rebecca Atieno Schwarz is originally from Nairobi /Kenya, holds a PhD in Development Studies, a Diploma in Education & Humanities and is a Certified Intercultural Trainer and Regional Consultant for East & Central Africa. Furthermore, she is a certified examiner and lecturer at educational institutes, private universities and international companies in Germany and Kenya since 1995. She has also coordinated and implemented various development projects mainly in  education and the qualification of children and youth in Kenya.

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You have to be registered with the Alumniportal Deutschland, which is free of charge. Next, join the group “Spotlight on Jobs & Careers”. By clicking on the button “Open session ” in the section "Webinar" you will be able to watch a video recording of the webinar.

November 2016