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Living Income

Reaching a decent income for small-scale farming and entrepreneurial families

When: Thursday, 14 December 2017, 12.00 am - 2.00 pm (CET)

Where: Community Group “The AGEP – Network” on the Alumniportal Deutschland


Millions of workers as well as small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs do not have a wage or an income which enables them and their families to reach a decent standard of living, despite working full-time. Many live significantly below the poverty line. However, full-time employment should allow smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs and their families to have a
dignified life through a living income.

A living income benchmark is a target income level for a particular place that reflects both the cost of a decent standard of living in that place and the expectation about how much the income received by a person can reasonably be expected to contribute to supporting a decent standard of living for an average family.

In this webinar, Friederike Martin, Project Manager at GIZ, covered the ongoing discussion, methods and approaches in the field of living income. She presented activities from several sectors around the globe, including tea, cocoa and rubber.

The webinar was held in English and streamed live from the University of Bonn.

How to access the recording?

  1.  Become a member of the community group „The AGEP – Network” on the Alumniportal Deutschland.
  2. Access the recording at any time.


Watch the recording!

December 2017


M Z. Caffoor, Sri Lanka
7 December 2017

Correction please: My title should read. Retired agriculture consultant

M Z Caffoor
6 December 2017

For more than twenty years I worked with subsistence farmers in the dry zone districts of Sri Lanka and made them commercial farmers . This is a model that can be replicated in many parts of the world and I would be happy to share my experiences.
Caffoor, M Z. Retired age consultant.

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