Reintegration into Domestic Job Markets

The goal of this webinar is to discuss the challenges that come along with returning home after studying abroad and with reintegrating into the domestic job markets. “How do I manage to find a job? How do I deal with changing expectations towards me? What techniques and strategies can help me with this process?” are some of the questions tackled.

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Ms. Dr. Julia Boger from the Returning Experts Program of the World University Service gives a presentation on this topic. She studied Social Anthropology, Geography and Comparative Literature at Johannes- Gutenberg-University in Mainz. Following several years of practitioner’s experience in the field of reintegration subsidies at the German committee of World University Service e.V. (WUS), she completed her PhD in Sociology in 2014 at the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS) in Bayreuth, Germany. Currently, she is working at WUS as an officer, supporting international graduates’ return migration and their labour market entries.


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