Social Entrepreneurship

Human rights, protection of the environment or limited resources: In classical business management, these issues are generally not at the centre of attention. Financial profit is its purpose. Social Entrepreneurship takes a different approach. Social Entrepreneurs want to address social challenges by developing innovative and sustainable solutions. They get involved in a wide variety of fields: from the fight against poverty, discrimination and racism via the protection of nature and the environment to socially justifiable economic developments.

But what exactly does the term “Social Entrepreneurship” mean and which context did it emerge from? How can socially relevant entrepreneurial start-ups be planned and how can we implement our initial social, cultural and ecological ideas? How can we use business approaches to meet social challenges? And what opportunities and programmes of advanced training are there in this field? These are some of the questions discussed in the Webinar.

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Experts and Presentation


Oliver Beckmann is Political Scientist and Head of Qualification at the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie (SEA) in Munich. The Social Entrepreneurship Akademie was founded in 2010. It aims to promote the issue of Social Entrepreneurship and to establish it firmly in society. The academy’s work is based on three key elements: qualification, promotion of start-ups and networking.




Markus Heinsdorff is installation artist and social entrepreneur. Nature and space are his central topics. In his work he incorporates the fields of design, architecture and photography. With the development of the mobile water-small power station "Rotor" for easy power generation in regions without power he has received several awards.


Felix Oldenburg is one of the pioneers of social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Europe. He became director of Ashoka Germany in 2009. At Ashoka, he has been responisble for the establishment of the Financing Agency (FASE) and the programs in Austria, Turkey and the Netherlands and has supported governments in strategies for social entrepreneurship.



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