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Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading

Live stream: 23 June 2017
Recording of the live stream available!


When large population groups in cities are afflicted by malnutrition, impoverishment, social exclusion and discrimination, ill health and poor housing conditions as well as restricted access to land and basic infrastructure, increasing levels of criminal violence, lack of safety and general fear in the use of public space are often observed. In some cases, crime is reaching epidemic rates in rapidly urbanising environments.

Causes for violence are multifaceted and require differentiated responses. However, poverty-oriented and participatory urban development projects can make an important contribution to overcoming the culture of violence resulting from a lack of perspective particularly for poor adolescents of large cities.

In this webinar an in-depth case study of the situation in Khayelithsa, Cape Town was presented and discussed.

Expert: Udo Lange, Project manager at the AHT Group AG

Webinar language: Englisch

Watch the recorded session!

June 2017


16 September 2017

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24 June 2017

I attended the Webinar on Jun 23, 2017 on the topic “Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading”. It mainly covered the resolution of the problem in Cape Town through the medium of a Case-study. The expert Mr. Udo Lange stated that poverty-oriented & urban development projects are helpful, though it may take years to get results. He also stated that for resolving problems of violence in other areas, some different factors like local conditions etc. need to be considered. On the whole it was a very good coverage. Thanks to the Moderator and the Expert. However, violence is also seen in several other parts of the world. Violence causes loss of human life, damages to infrastructure, breaks in relationships, hindrance in progress etc. It is a serious matter needing prevention as well as resolution in time. In my opinion, we should get together, form teams of persons from various disciplines, study and analyze the underlying factors causing violence, like accumulated problem(s) of the people like employment, housing, environment or any other(s), look ahead in time say 10 years hence, take preventive measures from time to time and try to find some quick solutions and ways and means, to make our life peaceful, as far as possible.

Bettina Onyango
13 June 2017

Thanks for your comment Niver Akoth. The violence that you describe should really inspire us and responsible authorities to tackle the reasons that led to this situation, i.e. housing shortage, etc. I am looking forward to you contributions in the upcoming webinar. Please do't miss to join in!

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