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Multi-disciplinary Alumni meeting in Mozambique 2017

On 16th November 2017, the German Ambassador to Maputo, Dr. Detlev Wolter, welcomed in his residence the approx. 70 Alumni and gave a short overview on German-Mozambican relations, followed by discussions.

The Alumni were grateful for the opportunity to participate and interact in a meeting with the Ambassador and the representatives of other German institutions present in Maputo. They demonstrated high interest in economic issues, in particular in those related to the extractive industries, renewable energies and to further studying in Germany.

During the second part of the event, the Alumni could choose between three thematic roundtable discussions, according to their interest: Culture and Science, development cooperation and economy. All three discussions were very vivid and gave an excellent opportunity for an exchange of information. The institutions present (GIZ, KfW, AHK, DAAD and CCMA) and the Alumni got to know each other better. The networking continued during the informal cocktail reception afterwards.

The interest of the Alumni for the event as well as for the material presented was high and the wish for similar events in the future was expressed. The structure as well as the content of the meeting was appropriate for a first multi-disciplinary meeting that should be seen as kick-off for more regular events. For the next meeting, a short presentation session should be envisaged after the roundtable discussions in order to make results available to all participants.

The event was organized by the German Embassy together with GIZ, DAAD and the German-Mozambican Cultural Centre CCMA (Goethe-Zentrum). It was the largest multidisciplinary Alumni meeting since 2014 (with exemption of smaller thematic meetings organized by GIZ and DAAD).

December 2017