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Alumni Sustainability Talk: Germany-Alumni in Kenya ready to take on SDGs

Nairobi, 9th November 2017. The Alumni Sustainability Talk organized by the Alumniportal Deutschland that took place in the evening in the serene environment of the German Lutheran Parish in Nairobi attracted about 80 Germany-Alumni from all walks in the society.

Many came eager to familiarize themselves with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to challenge themselves further to contribute to their attainment in the Kenyan context. ‘’Networking” was the hush word!

After the opening of the event by one of the representative of the Alumniportal’ s cooperating partners, DAAD Director Dr. Blumbach, the stage was left to a panel of Kenyan experts, all of them Germany-Alumni, who initiated an active exchange and a lively discussion with the audience.

Notably in attendance as panelist speakers were Dr. Frank Wafula, a medical doctor by training and a health and policy specialist for the World Bank Group. He gave his input on Goal 3 “Good Health and Well Being“ and how the health care management in Kenya can be improved, what partnerships avenues are there to ensure that all Kenyans have access to good health care. Dr. Josephine Nyaboke, an assistant professor at United States University of Africa gave her input on Goal 4 “Quality Education”. Very key in her presentation was the fact that regional, national and global partnerships in the education sector is only achievable if there are shared goals, values, vision and commitment among all stakeholders.

Rogers Dhilwayo, an economic advisor and Sustainable Development Goals focal point at the United Nations Development Programme, gave his input on the principles of the 2030 Agenda which include: Universality, Integration and “no one is left behind”. He analyzed development actors and enlightened the Germany-Alumni on what roles they can play on an individual basis to support the implementation of the goals.

Impressions from the Alumni Sustainability Talk

Dr. Eddy Odari, a lecturer from the College of Health Sciences Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) gave his input on the Goal 8 “Decent Work and Economic Growth”. To be remembered in his presentation are the determinants of economic development and the influence they have in ensuring all Kenyans have decent employment and can contribute to the promotion of the country’s economic development.

Dr. Benson Kemboi, also a lecturer from JKUAT, tackled Goal 9 “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”. He challenged the development actors to provide a suitable environment for the achievement of this goal by providing the required materials that would challenge the innovation potential of Kenyans, who would in turn facilitate the growth of industries and also ensure proper development of infrastructure countrywide.

The alumni of the “Stammtisch” (a networking meeting for Germany-Alumni, organized by the Alumniportal Deutschland every last Friday of the month in Nairobi) participated actively in the debates.  A representative Winfred Odari was present and gave her contribution on their discussions which have also been on the Sustainable Development Goals. She presented on Goal 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” with a focus on garbage collection. This has been a rampant problem in Kenya. She highlighted the proposals elaborated by the participants of the Stammtisch on how to curb this menace with a view to present them to the Nairobi County Governor for implementation.

A representative from the Ministry of Planning and Devolution, Benson Kimani, was also present and actively contributed to the discussions.

The discussions were lively! Hosting a diverse team of experts from various fields was very motivating and captivating to the audience and this naturally contributed to a very rich discussion. Those present expressed their interests in having more of such discussions. Mrs. Irene Bibi from the Goethe-Institut, another cooperating partner of the Alumniportal Deutschland,  gave the closing remarks that concluded the very lively and interesting Sustainability Talk.

Well, the good news is that this is just but the beginning! The Germany-Alumni community in Kenya is fired up and actively moving towards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.


November 2017


Gontse Scholz
12 February 2018

Wow, this is great Leo! Keep up the great work ;)

Ina Schaefer
14 December 2017

Dear Nabou, I absolutely agree with you: I also could feel the liveliness while reading the short report and looking at the pictures... :)
Thank you!

7 December 2017

Well, thanks for your comments @Nabou. It was a great evening. We however think that the topics in the future would be fewer (at most two) for such a sitting and will majorly be geared towards informing local policies or with a clear focus in addressing certain policy gaps. At least, this is my thinking which we implement at the "Stammtisch Agenda 2030". Probably next year we will develop strategy papers to share with various governments and stakeholders on various aspects of Agenda 2030, key to localised situations and solutions.

Most of all, we thank the Alumni who managed to attend and thus participate in the first Alumni Sustainability Talk in Kenya.

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