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“No Future without Education“- Lab

Kenya – 6 July 2017

“Quality education for all until 2030 in Kenya and the region can only be achieved, if…”

…this was the common thread running through the lab “No Future Without Education” that took place in Nairobi on 6 July 2017.The lab in Kenya was the first in a series and hence the pilot event of the Alumniportal Deutschland’s lab series “No Future Without Education”.

How did we get there?

At the start, three Kenyan experts from politics, academia and the private sector gave short keynote speeches on Primary and Basic Education, Vocational Training and Labour Market and on Higher Education, to allow participants a deeper insight into specific topics on education and the situation in Kenya. All keynote speakers highlighted the importance of promoting collaboration of all stakeholders in the education sector. Another very crucial and relevant aspect for improvement mentioned by the expert on Higher Education was to establish quality assurance as mandatory in all Kenyan universities.

These inputs were followed by a lively discussion among the roundabout 50 selected participants - Germany Alumni and other experts from the education sector.
Through innovative methods like “LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®” (which allows participants to visualize challenges and solutions using LEGO® bricks) or “Journaling” (where participants reflect their own ideas silently in a first steps and discuss the thoughts in a second step) the participants reflected on the experts’ inputs and their own role in the education sector. Finally, they drafted joint statements on how quality education for all until 2030 can be achieved.

Have a look at some of the statements:

“Education for all (Kenyans)/People in the region until 2030 may only be achieved if….

  • There is transparency, accountability and collaboration of all sectors
  • There is empowerment of learners at all levels
  • It is a shared responsibility among all the stakeholders, at the learners’ best interests
  • We all take up our social responsibility


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Alumni had the opportunity to present, discuss and get valuable feedback on their own innovative project ideas and solution approaches, for example with one project called “Beyond Books”, which aims to  go ‘beyond books’ in meeting the education and psycho-social needs of learners. One of the objectives of this project idea is to improve pupils’ academic performance through meeting their schooling and psychosocial needs.  Out of eleven presented project ideas, the participants selected four and discussed them further to jointly find solutions for the challenges addressed by the project owners. Using the World Café method (a structured process for knowledge sharing) made sure that all participants could voice their opinions and ideas on improvement.

Do you want to know more about the project ideas?  Find them below and feel free to comment on them or get in touch with the project owners directly.

If you want to know more about the lab, please have a look at the video below!

Lab “No Future without Education” - Nairobi, Kenya

Project Ideas

The lab provided an opportunity to submit, present and discuss own innovative project ideas and solution approaches. Selected project ideas can now be found below - please get in touch with the contact persons mentioned on the specific pages if you would like to support the projects or if you have any questions!

You can find the complete lab report here.

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