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Lab “No Future Without Education” in Vietnam

Flowers, LEGOs and a World Café: Impressions from the “No Future Without Education”-Lab in Vietnam

The language of the event may have been English, but at first, they said it with flowers at Hanoi’s Ho Tay Lake. Every female visitor of the “No Future without Education”-lab on 20 October 2017 was presented with a rose, because the event coincided with Vietnamese Women’s Day. This was followed by a less flowery, but very specific and active investigation of the event’s core topic: The situation of Vietnam’s educational sector and the question of how inclusive and high-quality education can be achieved.

After a welcome by Ms Luisa Bergfeld, Deputy Head of the Department for Economic Cooperation and Development at the German Embassy in Vietnam, who highlighted the significance of education as a key factor for development, three high-ranking experts gave an insight into current developments in the Vietnamese educational sector. Dr Nguyen Thi Kim Hoa, Vice Director of the Research Center of Special Education, Dr Tran Thi Thai Ha, Director at the Vietnam Institute of Educational Services and Dr Vu Xuan Hung, Director of the National Institute for Vocational Education and Training each gave concise, short talks, outlining challenges, but also achievements in the field of inclusive and of higher education and explaining how vocational training in Vietnam is adapting to the current challenges of transforming regional markets.

Equipped with the knowledge gained from these three talks, the 30 selected participants, Germany-Alumni as well as other experts, were able to get involved in a more in-depth discussion. In small working groups employing various innovative methods, they discussed ideas of how high-quality education for everyone can be achieved in Vietnam by 2030. Their output, which was developed using workshop methods like Lego Serious Play or Journalling, was focused into short, meaningful statements and presented to the plenum.

Some of the group work session's results:

“Education for all can only be achieved by 2030 if…” ?

  • ...equal opportunities for all Vietnamese people are created ?
  • ...everyone is given equal access to education, no matter where they´re from, whether they´re rich or poor ?
  • ...Vietnam has an efficient education management system ?
  • ...schools and educational institutions reform their training curriculum, improve methodology, quality of teachers, textbooks, etc. to attract students and equip them well so that they can have a better job in the future.

The afternoon was entirely dedicated to input from individual participants who had brought along their own ideas on how education in Vietnam can be improved by small individual projects. After a short presentation of each project idea – from an online forum to improve networking among professional trainers to haptic books for children with special needs – these ideas were discussed in groups with the aim of working out improvements and identifying solutions for individual challenges.

At the end of the lab, participants were able to look back on a day full of interesting conversations and input, so that they did not only take their flowers home, but also a large number of new contacts and ideas for better education.

You will find selected project ideas underneath the text. If you have any questions or would like to support the projects, please contact the person mentioned underneath the respective project idea!

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Alumniportal Deutschland – Redaktion
13 October 2017

Dear Nguyen Linh,

unfortunately, the Alumniportal can't cover any travel or accommodation expenses.

Kind regards,

Alumniportal Deutschland – Redaktion

Nguyen Linh
13 October 2017

Dear DaaD,

May I know if the selected candidates are sponsor for the trip to join this workshop

Mary Mutembei
4 October 2017

Indeed yes, education widens one's scope of thinking, it enables one to see things differently to articulate ideas and make informed decisions. Without education people continue doing things in the same way expecting different results. The interaction between and among people that comes with studies especially when people get out their locality helps in bringing in new ideas which can assist in unlocking a difficult situation. This is why i like the theme 'No Future Without Education"

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