“Corona Chronicles”: How do you feel in the crisis?

We are concerned with the effects of COVID-19 on us and our work. What about you? How do you experience the situation? What do you think about it? And how are you currently? Write to us and create the "Corona Chronicles" with us.

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After COVID-19: Survival Guide for PhDs and Postdocs

Essay: How young researchers can conquer life during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Engineer and postdoc Sarvesh Kumar Srivastava gives tips for working from home, extending your social network and unleashing your creativity.

Coronavirus in Africa

“I have never experienced anything like it”

Coronavirus in Africa: Increased test rates, expanded intensive care units – and anxious anticipation of how the pandemic will develop. How well is the continent prepared? We spoke with two doctors, a doctor of tropical medicine and an app developer from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania.

Chinese Germany alumni provide support for psychological crisis management


Millions of people in China have been and continue to be in quarantine due to the Corona pandemic. This acute crisis situation is causing many psychological problems and it is necessary that crisis management teams address these, both in China and other countries. This requires the expertise of medical staff and academics in the field of psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. Chinese Germany alumni are making a significant contribution to this cause.

Universities and Corona: What Now?

The corona pandemic also poses major challenges for universities. Maintaining research and teaching with the shortest possible contact times requires concerted action by all actors. This page summarizes the activities of the "Hochschulforum Digitalisierung" on the Corona Crisis.

Reading in times of Corona

In times of Corona, when there are hardly any social interactions, many people rediscover reading for themselves. If you would like to spend some time reading through the virus, the DAAD Freundeskreis ("Circle of Friends") is happy to share its drawn up reading list with interested readers.