Could you imagine a life without e-learning, social media or online shopping? Today, almost every area of life is dominated by the Internet. This brings many benefits, but on the other side we are worried about a lack of privacy or personal isolation.

In 2014, we will be focusing on these developments: It will be all about digital society. We will have a look at specific examples, find out how the Internet has changed society and how it shapes everyday life. f you want to tell us how the Internet has influenced your life or would like to share your opinion on the topic, please participate in our Community group ‘Digital Society’. We look forward to your comments!


From 12 June to 10 July 2014, the second virtual hands-on project took place in the Alumniportal community, which confronted the 18 participating teams from four continents with great challenges. This year, all the projects were related to the Digital Society.

Here you can find the most important project results and the winning teams.


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Overview of artificial intelligence (AI) in Germany

“AI Made in Germany”

Germany’s goal is clear: To become an international leader in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics – the ultimate goal would be to be number one worldwide. Germany’s position compared to its competitors like the USA or China is the subject of a somewhat heated debate featuring differing assessments. This article presents the current status of AI in Germany and sheds some light on AI policy, courses of study, research, startups, as well as platforms and projects.

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How Can You Sensitise Siri, Ms Gasic?

Thanks to modern dialogue systems like Alexa and Siri, computers have become our everyday helpers: on voice command they deliver information, operate stereo equipment, switch the lights on and even tell jokes. But they do it without a trace of emotion – a normal conversation is impossible. Milica Gasic from Serbia wants to change that.


Artificial Intelligence - the topic of the hour

The topic of artificial intelligence is unavoidable these days – everyone is talking about AI. Already it is part of most software – even if it isn’t immediately recognisable as such. However, we are a long way from thinking computers and completely autonomous robots.