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Since 1 July 2020, Germany has been holding the Presidency of the EU Council for six months. This means that it chairs meetings and sessions at all levels of the Council and ensures continuity in the work of the EU. The Alumniportal Deutschland will therefore focus on the German EU Presidency in the coming months: We have exciting articles, campaigns, cultural tips and brand new comics for you to take a guess at.

Comic quiz: “Stroll through Europe”

Can you guess what the great historical figures of their time said about Europe? What was Europe once and what is it now? Take a close look at the comic strip to find out: You will see a two-part background with a historical context and a more recent European event.

Ideas for a good future in Europe

Europe is a good idea – and Europe needs good ideas for tomorrow, for a thriving and successful community. What have DAAD alumni to say about Europe? Why is exchange at the level of higher education and science so vital for a common Europe?

EU Council presidency

Virtual Adria Idea Lab

The EU is facing massive challenges. The DAAD is helping to address these by hosting idea labs that harness the knowledge, experience and creativity of its alumni. Alumniportal Deutschland spoke with the organiser of the first lab and some of the participants.

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Quiz on EU Council Presidency 2020

On 1 July 2020, Germany takes over the EU Council Presidency. But what do you actually know about the Council of the European Union? And how well do you know the EU in general? Find out with our quiz on the EU Council Presidency. Have fun guessing!

Uke Bosse

Cultural tips on Europe

Are you interested in Europe and the EU or do you just fancy some nice and exciting cultural tips? Uke Bosse recommends a total of five books, films or series. We get started with the first tip in our next newsletter on 22 July.