This is about people and projects that are committed to social and ecological issues – in their immediate surroundings as well as in the international arena.

Under the heading of ‘initiate.participate.change.’, we will present options for getting active and examples for initiatives in civil society and politics taken by Germany-Alumni.

Our #MissionResponsible competition invited Germany-Alumni to showcase their commitment to better cooperation and a more sustainable future on the Alumniportal.

Within our focus topic ‘initiate.participate.change.’, the ‘Study and Research’ Community group is discussing the subject of ‘Volunteer Work’. Join the discussion!


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Evgenia Gavrilova on ‘Cross Borders’

Evgenia Gavrilova, who is from Russia, studies in Germersheim. She is one of the volunteers working for the ‘Cross Borders’ student initiative, which offers refugees free language courses. In recognition of this commitment, the initiative was awarded third place in the #MissionResponsible competition.