Focus Topic Science Communication

Since the Corona pandemic at the latest, the word science communication has been on everyone's lips. Science communication refers both to the communication of scientific results within science and to the public. In the context of this focus topic, we examine, among other things, various formats of science communication and take a look behind the scenes of science with exciting contributions.

Online workshop

Creating Scientific Presentations and Posters

7.02.2022 / 14.02.2022 | 1:30-4:30 pm (CET)

Would you like to design posters or presentations to present your research results in a simple and concise way? And arouse the interest of your audience in your research or just be able to better explain scientific facts to the general public. Then register for our online workshop "Creating Scientific Presentations and Posters". 

This was the TEDx Kanzlerpark Conference 2021

Ideas for a liveable future

From the participation of every citizen in climate protection measures to improved data manage-ment for governments: the second TEDxKanzlerPark conference involved experts from Brazil, India and Russia presenting their solutions for a liveable future. Many of them emphasised the potential of a society in which everyone collaborates in common projects.

German as a language of science

German is becoming less important as a language of science – yet there are always numerous people still learning German worldwide. Learn more about current trends and the promotion of German as a language of science.

Graphic Recording

Live and in colour

The human brain processes images more easily than words. The technique of graphic recording builds upon this fact. The result are drawings that are far more than just a report of an event, they can even be small pieces of art. From our series on the most effective formats of science communication.