Focus Topic Sustainable Future

Climate and environmental protection are among the most important issues of our time. How can we still stop climate change? How can we shape a sustainable future and live as resource-efficiently as possible? As part of our focus topic Sustainable Future, we will present alumni, initiatives and programs that are working for a sustainable world in different ways. There will also be podcasts, tips for sustainable everyday life and many other formats that encourage people to get involved.

A lifeline for the cold desert

An innovative agricultural solution: DAAD alumnus Dr Shaktiman Singh is conducting research into whether ice stupas can resolve the water crisis in the Himalayan desert.

Humboldt Cities

Initiative for liveable cities

The 'Humboldt cities: research, practice, cases' initiative links academic research and practical implementation in the contemporary fields of urban and regional planning. It focuses on issues relating to sustainability.

Agriculture in Uganda

Jobs and opportunities for young people

Avocados, pineapples, mangoes and passion fruit: Uganda can offer a wide range of delicious fruit and vegetables, but also popular varieties of coffee and tea. Gyaviira Kaleebu sees huge potential in Uganda’s fertile soils and wants to use agricultural processing factories to improve the economic situation in his country.

Episode 3

Green roofs and climate change

The material used to construct buildings and roads such as concrete, iron, glass and asphalt accompanied by the lack of greenery in urban cities make these places particularly hot. Green roofs are a climate-responsive design with the potential to mitigate climate change effects. Join us in today's episode to learn about green roofs in urban cities.

Sustainability beyond Confines

Can the desire for sustainability transcend the confines of our realities? Erick Agure shares his personal experience working with people from around the world. His motto: think global, act local!