Focus Topic Sustainable Future

Climate and environmental protection are among the most important issues of our time. How can we still stop climate change? How can we shape a sustainable future and live as resource-efficiently as possible? As part of our focus topic Sustainable Future, we will present alumni, initiatives and programs that are working for a sustainable world in different ways. There will also be podcasts, tips for sustainable everyday life and many other formats that encourage people to get involved.

Two Days Offline

My Sustainability Challenge

Our guest author Gabriel Kombassere challenged himself and gave up digital media for two days as a sustainability challenge. For him, it was a positive experience, because he not only did something for the environment, but also noticed that he could work in a much more concentrated way.

Sustainable coffee made by empowered women

From cultivation to roasting and packaging: the multiple award-winning Rwandan speciality coffee Angelique’s Finest is produced exclusively by women. The co-founder of the Fairtrade project is Allan Mubiru, alumnus of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s International Climate Protection Fellowship. In order to launch the product in 2018, the economist and climate finance expert launched a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Diversity to combat climate change

Climate change can only be solved on an interdisciplinary basis. International climate protection scholarship holders at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (the 2021/22 cohort) have therefore created a network in which experts from all faculties can exchange ideas about various aspects regarding climate protection. They also plan to publish podcasts that will raise public awareness of the topic.